GREATBIGHORNET.COM is about stinging bees, hornets and wasps -- especially Asian Giant Hornets and European Hornets.

NOTE: Please seek professional help from qualified exterminators or local government animal control. Stings with allergic reactions or multiple stings from stinging insects can be fatal. DO NOT use GREATBIGHORNET.COM as advice for your specific issue. This website is only provided for general introduction.

After a sighting in the Chicago area of a hornet the size of a man's thumb and an attack by yellow jackets, the author first created a Facebook page (Facebook.com/AsianGiantHornet) and learned that people were discovering terrifying hornets in the United States -- especially in the eastern and southeastern states.

The mission of GREATBIGHORNET.COM includes the following ...

To help report and track sightings of the Asian Giant Hornet and European Hornet

To help people understand or identify what they saw

To help understand the behavior of Asian Giant Hornets and European Hornets compared to other stinging bees and wasps, such as honeybees, yellow jackets, and Cicada Killer Wasps, etc.

NOTE: We are not professional exterminators or entomologists.

To help prevent being stung.

To help people understand how to avoid being stung, to understand the physiological response to being stung, and to understand how to get the proper emergency medical care or self care following a sting.

CURRENTLY THERE ARE NO CONFIRMED SIGHTINGS OF ASIAN GIANT HORNETS IN THE UNITED STATES -- many sightings are mistaken identities of European Hornets (which look similar) and Cicada Killers, which are more slender wasps and predominantly black with pale yellow coloring.



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Vespa mandarinia japonica, Osaka, Japan
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